Here is a list of workshops we are offering as of March 29th, 2011.
More workshop leader bios and descriptions are coming - check back soon!

Our Sustainable Region Keynote Presentation
with Bruce Ford, Education Coordinator, Metro Vancouver and
Vanessa Lee, Park Interpretation Leader, Metro Vancouver
VSB's Sustainability Plan
with Kevin Millsip, Sustainability Coordinator, Vancouver Board of Education
City of Vancouver's "Talk Green to Us"
with Amanda Mitchell, Greenest City Planning Analyst, City of Vancouver

Amanda Mitchell works with communities to embed sustainability principles into their long-term planning decisions. Specializing in the creation of meaningful public consultation processes, she has worked on the innovative Smart Growth on the Ground program at both Smart Growth BC and the Design Centre for Sustainability. Currently Amanda works at the City of Vancouver where she manages the online consultation process and social media accounts for the Greenest City planning initiative. She’s a founding Director of the Vancouver Public Space Network, co-founder of re:place magazine, and tweets about the urban experience as @iheartcities.
Food Security
with Check Your Head
Cob House Demo and Cob People
with Ian Marcuse
Green Mapping
with Natalie Ethier

Natalie has been involved in projects such as the Gramorail. Visit her website:
Her presentation will focus on active and sustainable transportation and routes to school, engaging students in a memory mapping exercise and encouraging them to present their maps to the group.

Eco-Density and Affordable Housing
with Andrea Macdonald
Andrea MacDonald is the former organizer for the No Tankers campaign, which fought to stop the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline. Prior to No Tankers she interned for Greenpeace, working on several campaigns and direct actions, in Canada and around the world. She has been a climate activist for 5 years, while also working on social justice issues ranging from media literacy and affordable housing to fundraising for developmental disabilities.

Vancouver, supposedly the greenest city in the world, has a dirty little secret. Homelessness has increased 3 fold since the announcement of the Olympic Games. Gentrification and rampant development, shrouded in the language of sustainability and eco-density, are quickly encroaching on low-income areas and forcing long-time residents onto the streets. Buildings across this city are left empty while thousands of people sleep outside or struggle to pay rent. Just look at the ghost town we call the "eco-friendly" Olympic Village. In this workshop we'll explore options for reconciling these two seemingly conflicting priorities.

Backyard Chickens
with Nick Sakich, teenage urban chicken enthusiast
Nick Sakich initiated the letter writing campaign to the Mayor of Vancouver to allow residents to keep backyard chickens. Nick will enlighten us on the care and feeding of three hens who provide half a dozen eggs per week. And they make great pets too! At Nick's workshop you'll see how easy it is to keep your own organic egg supply and have fun doing it too!