By 2050, there will be 6 billion people in cities.

If they all lived in regions similar to Metro Vancouver, we would need four Earths.
Plan-It Earth 2011: draw, describe, film your sustainable region.

The conference will again be held at Prince of Wales Secondary School on April 15, 2011.

Prepare for another experience where you can meet other peers and talk about issues facing the future of our generation. Learn from experts, share and collaborate ideas, and be inspired to take action.

While this page is still being updated with more information, check our our Facebook event page to see who else is coming and spread the word on Twitter - use our hashtag #planitearth!

How do you wish to live in a sustainable region?
Communicate your ideas to city planners.

In the morning:
- Welcome and introduction, featuring "Our Sustainable Region" keynote address.
- Workshops: VSB's Sustainability Plan, City of Vancouver's "Talk Green to Us", Food Security, Cob House Demo, Green Mapping, Shelter, and Backyard Chickens.

During lunch:
- Lunch is provided, however if you do have allergies, please either notify us in advance or bring your own lunch.
- Grafitti wall, booths, slow bike race, and more.

In the afternoon:
- Co-Design drawing by youth artists to draw your sustainable region.
- World Cafe table discussions to describe your sustainable region.
- Official presentation of work to Metro Vancouver and City of Vancouver.

Throughout the day, a booth will be set up with a camera to film your thoughts about your sustainable region.


Help with our Zero Waste goal!
We ask that conference attendees bring a reusable plate and cup/bottle to Plan-It Earth, and help limit the use of disposable items.

Conference registration begins at 8:00AM at Prince of Wales. Please arrive promptly.