Prince of Wales Community Garden Initiative

Over the past year, students, teachers, and eager individuals have come together to form the Prince of Wales Community Garden Group. Prime Earth is certainly proud to take part and the group has recently been working very hard, tackling various hurdles to not only promote gardens at Prince of Wales, but all over the Vancouver Board of Education (District 39).

Below is a video we've prepared and presented to the associate superintendant, sustainability coordinator, and grounds supervisor in a meeting at the Vancouver Board of Education. At the time we submitted this video, the VSB was already considering changes to their garden guidelines, so that student gardens could be encouraged. We are delighted that they were willing to add our voice to this dialogue. Kevin Millsip, Sustainability Coordinator of the Vancouver Board of Education, has written a letter to awknowledge our contributions.

The garden is doing exceptionally well, thanks to the efforts of several volunteers who are taking care of the plants over the summer. If you've recently taken a look at our garden and are curious as to what it looked like when we planted them from seed, take a look at this album.

For more garden updates from one of our Garden Committee members, Khorshid, visit the blog!

Additional Garden Info

The PW Community Garden Group has prepared a garden resource full of information about our garden. Take a look:

Co-Design Drawing     Neighbourhood Flyer (PDF)     Proposal Slideshow (PDF)

A community engagement exercise was used to include our school community in the design of our garden. The lesson plan used is the Co-Design Youth Manual, Chapter 1.

On behalf of all the members of the PW Garden Committee, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to
Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, OC for taking on a mentorship role to us by providing her helpful advice, her presence during our first seed planting, and her donation of West Coast seeds to our garden.

Thanks for your donation, Windsor Plywood!

We'd like to thank Windsor Plywood for giving us a discount on wood for our first garden beds.

PW Community Garden is looking for donations!

If you have any garden tools, or any other supplies that you think will help us, please email us at: gardeninfo[at]